LK Armatur

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LK Armatur - A One-Stop Supplier

LK Armatur was founded in 1985 when the LK Group increased its focus on supplying manufacturers of heaters and hot water heaters with valves and components.

By constant development and response to market demand for new products and services, LK Armatur has grown to become an important supplier of valves, controllers, components and prefabricated units for the global OEM and distributor market. LK Armatur now produces more than a million valves a year, ranging from simple standard valves to sophisticated, customised special products.

Machinery and technology have their places, but what makes a company successful is people. That's why LK Armature focuses on the employees - competence and skill are important keys to success. Education and development are natural parts of the culture at LK Armatur as we work according to the Lean production method with continuous improvement and progress.