Snow & Ice Melting / Platform Heating

Manufacturer: Thermon

Prevention of ice and snow accumulation is a safety concern across many industries. Thermon has developed effective, reliable snow melting and deicing systems for multiple applications in harsh environments.



Skin Effect System for Snow and Ice Melting

SnoTrac is the most rugged and reliable snow and ice melting system available in the world today. Based on skin effect heating technology, a SnoTrac system utilizes a rugged, thickwalled ferromagnetic “heat tube” to melt snow and ice. This heat tube, imbedded directly in concrete or asphalt, utilizes a custom designed SnoTrac conductor to safely deliver energy into the system. A truly unique feature of a SnoTrac system is its ability to provide snow melting to extremely large areas with a minimal number of circuits. Over 2,000 square feet (186 square meters) can be protected from a single power point.


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